GussStrong/#DrewStrong Race Event June 21

WorthingtonStrong, GussStrong, and #DrewStrong thank YOU!!!

THANK YOU for joining our celebration of the life and legacy of the late Thomas Worthington baseball Coach Stephen Gussler!

Thank you for supporting Worthington Kilbourne student-athlete Drew George as he battles a rare form of Leukemia with a bone marrow transplant from his sister, Tori George.

We have been touched and awed to be a part of the amazing Worthington family as we rallied around the Gussler and O’Donnel/George families in times of crisis. The generosity of spirit in this community cannot be measured.

On JUNE 21, Worthington came together to celebrate LIFE, FAMILY, and COMMUNITY
at the GussStrong/#DrewStrong Race Event!

We want to be sure to thank:

– Stephen Gussler’s family and the GussStrong foundation
Special thanks to Eric Gussler and Kendra Householder
– The #DrewStrong family…ALL of them
– The GussStrong/#DrewStrong race committee for their tireless efforts:
Stephanie Donaldson, Pam Sturiano, Marya Kowal, Anita Beck,
Jennifer Button, Rick Armstrong, Kim Goldmith, Rebecca Bailey
and to Dan Girard as liaison to GussStrong,
and Jeff Henderson, as liaison to Premier Races
– Our Race Committee families, for taking such good care of us
especially Kevin, Eleanor, and Harrison…and Franklin
– Fun Run designer and Granby’s Coach Rick Armstrong
– LivStrong, for helping Rick Armstrong and team Fun Run
– Worthington Schools,
especially TWHS and WKHS administrators and staff
– Our AMAZING volunteers!
– All of our runners, big and small!
– The community of Worthington…we are so lucky to have you as neighbors
– Our incredible race sponsors, who helped us grow this event:
Bruegger’s Bagels
Dewey’s Pizza
Fleet Feet
Green Bean Delivery
Mid Life Crisis
Premier Races
Snowville Creamery
Sunny Street Cafe
Super Games
Thomas Worthington High School LaCrosse’s MAN UP Program
Whole Foods
WKHS Cheerleaders
WKHS International Baccalaureate Program

Thank you all of you again for joining our celebration of life, family, and commmunity! Stay WORTHINGTON STRONG!

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